Reasons to Ride UTVs On Spring Break

utv engine rebuilds riding utvs for spring break

Spring break is upon us already, and many people are packing their bags and getting ready to go on a much-deserved break from the hum-drum of life. From the beach to mountain tops, the anticipation is building.

UTV Engine Rebuilds is an engine rebuild shop that specializes in remanufactured ATV and UTV motors. We offer a six month warranty on all of our ATV engine rebuilds, as well as an optional six month warranty that will cover you for one full year. For over 15 years, we’ve been helping people keep their ATVs and UTVs running. Below, we’ll offer up some reasons on why you need to ride UTVs this spring break. Fill out our engine quote form today!



This is perhaps the most obvious reason to ride ATVs this spring break. Riding ATVs is fun, no doubt about it. Cruising in your RZR 800 or your Polaris Sportsman up and down trails, through forests, over sand dunes, crossing streams, and throwing in the occasional donut is most people’s definition of fun (and may even be under “fun” in the dictionary). Throw in the fact that you can ride UTVs on the beach, and you will most definitely have a memorable spring break.

Gets You Outdoors

Riding UTVs is an outdoor activity. You can travel many miles in one day, exploring the terrain around you, whether you are just driving through fields, riding dirt trails, or visiting a National Park. When you are outside, you breathe in the fresh air, soak in all of the wondrous sights, get some vitamin D, and see new flora and fauna. From the birds singing to the waves lapping, there’s nothing quite like being outdoors to renew the soul.


If you’ve never ridden an ATV before, you should know that it’s hard work. You have to control your Honda ATV or Yamaha Raptor using your bodyweight, and it takes energy to drive one. Plus, most people ride their ATV and then get off for a bit and go hiking or exploring a new area, which is exercise as well. You will probably need the exercise after indulging in spring break activities.

Relieves Stress

Riding fast in a powerful ATV can relieve stress. After all, you can feel the wind in your hair, and the landscape goes by in a blur. Plus, when you get out in nature, you’ll feel liberation as well, as if you can just keep driving. Soon, all of the troubles and worries of the day will melt away so that by the time you return home, you’re ready to relax and enjoy the night.


The process of having your UTV or ATV engine rebuilt is quite simple here at UTV Engine Rebuilds. You simply ship us the UTV engine in a box, we’ll refurbish it, and then we’ll mail it back to you. Your UTV engine will be ready for installation. All you’ll have to do is add fluids, plan your spring break trip, and go!

UTV Engine Rebuilds works with all of the top UTV engine brands, including Polaris RZR engines, Teryx, Yamaha, Can Am, and more. Contact us for either help to rebuild your engine or to buy one of ours today!