UTV Engine Rebuilds is the best source for high quality remanufactured ATV and UTV motors. We offer remanufactured UTV or ATV engines with a full 6-month warranty and an extended 6-month option, giving you a full one-year warranty. Since 2004, we have been serving as a full-service engine repair shop and engine remanufacturer for UTV, ATV, and watercraft engines. We only use high-quality OEM or better engine replacement parts.

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UTV Engine Rebuilds replace everything inside the UTV engine; not just what is wrong with the old motor. This includes the crankshaft, rods, bearings, seals, pistons, oil pump, valves, guides, and gaskets. On Kawasaki Teryx and Yamaha Rhino motors, we also inspect and replace broken or worn transmission parts as part of our engine remanufacturing process. Also, cylinder heads are completely torn down and rebuilt. We also fix known flaws in each one of these motors using better than original manufacturer engine parts. When you receive your motor, it is ready to be installed and run after adding oil, coolant, and spark plugs. We also offer a start-up kit that will give you everything you need to get it up and running! UTV Engine Rebuilds is the only engine rebuild shop to offer free tech support before and after the sale.

Please give us a call if you are having problems removing or installing your rebuilt engine. We have the answers! We specialize in the UTV and ATV rebuild engine market. You can reach us via email or by phone; let’s get you back up and running today!


Every motor UTV Engine Rebuilds receive is completely torn down, cleaned, and inspected for wear and damage. All worn and damaged engine parts are replaced with new factory parts or better.

We replace all bearings, seals, gaskets, crankshaft, pistons, valves, etc… All cylinders are sleeved or bored no more than .5 mm; heads are rebuilt and machined. We then ship the remanufactured motor ready to be installed by the customer.

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  • Full off-road vehicle repair services
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